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Sketchfab : ideal for 3D files

Do you want to add a 3D object can be manipulated in your blog? Would you like to share your models with the community? Youtube-as it allows us to watch videos and incorporate them into our spaces of communication, There are tools to share 3D content.
We have seen some repository of 3D models dedicated to the world of space exploration as the “Celestia Motherlode” NASA, You can download these models in some relevant formats.
Sketchfab is a platform to host and share our 3D models, which allows to visualize them embedded in our blog.

The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository

The development of algorithms for image reconstruction and computer analysis has grown dramatically in recent years, developing a universal science that structures developed procedures. The presentation of these algorithms in scientific conferences allows the exchange of ideas among researchers in the field, I usually use a series of models… (leer más)

The Celestia Motherlode : Repositorio para simulación 3D del espacio


La actual constelación de satélites científicos que se encuentran en órbita permiten obtener diferentes imágenes con variados datos de nuestro planeta y otros cuerpos del Sistema Solar. Estos datos se proyectan sobre las imágenes de la topografía del planeta y sirven para numerosos estudios en campos muy variados de la ciencia. One of the repositories that have been imaged for different jobs is “The Celestia Motherlode”, allowing download in various resolutions.