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Graphic PIZiadas

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Index of refraction

Index of refraction

By introducing transparent materials have been different parameters that characterize. In “Cycles” have named a shader “Glass” to simulate the behavior of translucent objects where the light changes direction through them.

Has an associated transparency parameter that redirection of light rays passing through the material, is the coefficient of refraction; the software performs calculations to simulate these effects are based on the "Law of Snell".

Helicoide de esferas con Refracción [image] [Blender]

Pictures taken with two techniques used to determine the visibility of objects in a scene: Técnica de barrido con Z-Buffer Técnica de trazado de rayos como en el Raycast y el Raytracing Su objetivo es servir de base para la formación visual y el análisis de las técnicas de renderizado en imagen… (leer más)

Transparency, Reflection and Refraction Gloss effect [Image]

Refraction Cubes, Reflection and Gloss effect Select with the mouse to view the image at its actual size Raytracing Images Image Synthesis: RGB RGB Transparencies [Image] 3D Animation, Lights: Types 3D Animation, Lights: Shadows 3D Animation, Lights: Lighting with Textures 3D Animation, Shading: Transparent materials

3D Animation, Shading: Transparent materials [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

In any program editing and 3D modeling have settings that define the properties of each material. Transparency or opacity of the object is one of the more complex features simulate. To handle transparent objects we use a value that measures the opacity (Contrary transparency) . Un valor nulo… (leer más)