Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Textured cubes with transparency [ Wallpaper ] [ Cycles ]


The accompanying model Blender shaders, called “Cycles” allows infinite combinations to create textures and materials, limited only by our imagination and technical knowledge.

Every day I experience with this model surprised me more creative capacity of su, by allowing a few laws combine with a range of varieties immeasurable chromatic and shape.

Cubos reflectantes con fondo de madera [ Wallpaper ] [ Blender ] [ Cycles ]


Cycles is the new Blender rendering engine. Lets get realistic images using light transport mechanisms.
Testing different options to obtain images of great interest for analysis in courses synthetic image editing, in which our students should seek approximations to the result of some simple examples.

Mechanisms singular : Gears [ Gears ]

I engranaje_cubo

Our world is ruled by mechanical gears that rotate continuously. The intrinsic rotation concept has led to the concept of circular patterns (Cylindrical) the basis of traditional. A unique set of gears are the ingenuity of its creators, taking another step in this complex world of mechanical…. (leer más)