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Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping es el arte de utilizar proyecciones de imágenes que se adaptan a la forma de los objetos que se usan como “pantallas” o soportes de proyección, getting stunning views and elegant especially in urban elements.

Es una nueva forma de comunicarse y promocionar eventos o productos. Es especialmente útil desde el punto de vista del marketing para aquellos que quieran lanzar un mensaje de una manera llamativa y atractiva visualmente con la exposición pública garantizada: la proyección en 3D de los edificios

Esta herramienta de comunicación nacida en 2009, evoluciona incorporando nuevas y espectaculares técnicas de grafismo con la utilización de imagen de síntesis. Empresas como NuFormer Digital Media desarrollan con gran habilidad proyecciones de mapas de vídeo en 3D . These 3D projections are made to measure to fit any specific building and exposed through a series of powerful projectors.

NuFormer Digital Media developed this impressive projection on climate change at the main entrance of Tivoli (Vestas, Copenhagen, December 2009), commissioned by Tivoli and Vestas Wind Systems.

This production combines video images, chromakey techniques, 2D and 3D animations. It is precisely tailored to the specific elements and dimensions of the building architecture.

This video montage combines real footage at the event and source of images that have been used in the projection.

You can see an interesting collection of Nuformer work on Projection Mapping

The 20 May 2010, Samsung was the first to introduce commercial scale outdoor 3D projection in the Netherlands, in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. Between 22:30 and 00.30 the evening of the day 20, 21 and 22 May, the public could see the addition of a new dimension to this historic building. In the town square, visitors could try out the new Samsung 3D LED TV, and were offered the chance to win one of their own every night. Foursquare and YouTube were used as part of the integrated campaign.

One of the latest works with this technique has been sponsored by LG for the presentation of a new smartphone:Optimus. Projection designed by Hyper Facadehas been shown in Berlin, still leading the robot “Android”, terminal operating system.

You can find many high-quality jobs that use this technique; to perform a search in Youtube to enable us to expand our collection of videos on these events, we can use the following link: Search Results for 3D Projection

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