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Larva [ Animation ]

3D animation shorts are one subgenre of minor animation to recreate in few seconds very complex social environments. They serve to give personality to television networks or as plug-ins between spaces to adjust their certeleras.

Larva is a series of computer animation that recounts the adventures and misadventures of characters living in a sewer. The main actors are two larvae, with one friendship more than debatable, one yellow and one red whose purpose is to eat.

La Bruxa [Animation][Video]

“The Fiesta PC” It is a film production animation, in its short existence, has garnered a number of awards and successes of hearing.
The second Goya in three years, given in the notice of 2014, by its short “Strings”, supports the excellent work they are doing.
Although his most charismatic work to date, from my point of view, is a parody of the adventures of Indiana Jones called “Tadeo Jones”, other jobs print an equally jovial character, funny and sensitive.

Cronopios and Famas

Juan Pablo Bouza presents a video composed of 10 short stories made with free software “Open Source Software” both animation as in the treatment and final editing audio. Two years of work with a team of 5-7 people have resulted in this adaptation of a literary classic.

An animated feature film made about the stories of Julio Cortázar

Perfect [ Animation ]


Perfeito is a short 3D animation created and directed by Mauricio Bartok 2009 (Brazil).

A minimalist stage with a surreal twist serve to narrate a scene that exudes sensitivity in desperate pursuit of perfection.

A short that has an impact which sees, movement with plasticity and stiffness of the stage.

El cerdito Ormie [ Animation ]

Ormie the Pig

A short animation that revolves around a fun character, and cerdito Ormie, and unique strategies to get their prized loot: Some biscuits.

Una historia basada en un escenario simple y un acto repetitivo. With very simple frames but greatly motivate ateción, reinforced with a great soundtrack, Fresh and lively.
A short that has received numerous awards, produced by Arc Productions.

Pigeon: Impossible [ Animation ]


Some animated shorts have been conducted in a learning process their authors. Many of these jobs are considered a “Debut” are of high artistic quality and have a meritorious technical achievement.

A secret agent, his briefcase high technology and a pigeon (dove) are the basis of this short hilarious animation, that has received numerous awards and accolades.

Alarm [ Animation ]


Again get up early.

After the well-deserved vacation to have to adapt back to school, from the daily routine that is imposed from the early hours of the day with the stridency of the alarm.

In the hands of animators, Moo-hyun Jang y Jung-woo Choo, “Alarm” awakens us to our dream holiday.