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Graphic PIZiadas

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Larva [ Animation ]

Larva3D animation shorts are one subgenre of minor animation to recreate in few seconds very complex social environments.

These short films are used to give personality to television networks or as plug-ins between spaces to adjust their certeleras.

Larva It is a series of computer animation that recounts the adventures and misadventures of characters living in a sewer. The main actors are two larvae, with one friendship more than debatable, one yellow and one red whose purpose is to eat.

larva characters
Around them there are other curious creatures with a very defined personality: Beetle (Black, a strong Boxer), Pink (female character in love with yellow and Red would like to), Rainbow (a snail with human musculature) …. and a series of minor characters to val alternating in the episodes until a very unique microcosm.

Larva is a computer-animated comedy television series made by Tuba Entertainment inSeoul, South Korea. This cartoon shows two larvae as its main characters.(W)

You can see more videos of this singular series in its Larva YouTube channel

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