Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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The V-12 engine world's smallest.

motor_V12The realistic model building is an art only available to some. The models that play can serve as their older siblings, the real.

The video sent to me played the sequence of machining and assembly of a motor “V12” similar to those installed in high-end sports cars. In this case it is a naval V-12 engine compressed air injection hand built completely handmade.

In auto mechanics, a motor V12 is one that has two benches 6 cylinders con cárter y cigüeñalcommon to both, generally with an opening of 60 ° or 120 ° between them.(W)

It may be the smallest engine in the world of this modality.

  • You have 12 cm3,
  • The diameter of the cylinders is 11,3 mm
  • The stroke of the pistons is 10 mm.

Works with only 0,1 Kg/cm2. It is built with stainless steel, aluminum and brass.

Its creator, Patelo, this engine dedicated to their 4 older grandchildren:

This engine is intended for teaching,for exhibitions etc.. for that runs on compressed air, Non contaminar.El design drawings and construction engine has made Patelo , like all the pieces (except the screws).