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Create a loop [ Blender ]

lazo_thumbCreate a loop in Blender is a simple operation that can be solved by the combination of two curves Beziar.

See an elemental technique to first define the path of the surface to which add a form to be determined by its width.

Next, we can also change the width of the path along the surface, although in this first article we do not address this peculiarity.

Start from a Bezier curve, we can find among primitive that are available in the current version of Blender.

Add curva de Bezier

The curve is added to the workspace with a default way we edit our needs.

Screenshot 2013-12-12 to(s) 19.47.24

Once added to the editing curve proceed analogously to any surface. Go into edit mode and, after selecting the vertices will move to the desired position. We can also edit the tangents to the curve to guide their path.

To add new points we should be on the ends and press the key “And” (Extrude), adding new items and modifying their tangent to the desired curve.

Screenshot 2013-12-12 to(s) 19.49.11

Incorporate a new Bezier curve to define the shape of the surface loop. In our case we will modify the curve to make it a straight segment.

Screenshot 2013-12-12 to(s) 20.19.48

This curve “will slip” following the guide curve that we have modeled in the first part of the work of creating the loop. We will select the guide curve and indicate the curve defining this way the space labeled “Command” of flange “Geometry”.


This action will obtain a similar order to that shown in the image, in which the shape of the surface will look “plane”

curva con Bevel

From another point of view this effect can be seen.

Screenshot 2013-12-12 to(s) 20.09.00

We will now see how we can rotate the section of the surface to simulate the curvature of the loop or fold.

  • We can select the individual points of the curve and rotate along the three coordinate axes to change the torque of the surface, although the shape control is not so simple.
  • Yet another interesting way is to manage the torque along the axis of the curved guide, by changing the variable “Tilt“, as discussed below.

Pressing the key “N” we can draw on-screen menu to govern the transformations of objects. If you select the guide curve and enter edit mode, will get a menu to edit properties that control points Bezier curve.


Si su odificamos value as we shall see “retuerce” the surface along its axis.

Tilt aplicado

Suitably at different torsion vertices get obtain surface, according to our desires.

Screenshot 2013-12-12 to(s) 20.22.19

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