Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Animating clouds [ Blender ]

Screenshot 2014-01-17 to(s) 21.12.41We have seen how we can create simple clouds.

Can we use this technique to our animations?

What will they look like in a sequence?

Not the same generate a static image that build a more or less complex animation. Along with the aesthetic aspects exist that will give credibility and continuity to the sequence, so we must consider whether the application we are using is or is not valid for our purposes.

We proceed thus to encourage elementary form clouds, simply changing their position and size relative to display the effect that can be obtained. Later vary the shape during animation, progress in the creative process of the sequence.


To give you some “spark” add an animation lighting effect and a narrow beam sequence half. The lighting effect simulates the glow that occurs in a lightning storm. This effect is adding a conseguirermos new surface, similarly the cloud, slightly offset and a lighter materials the cloud.

Generate a sequence with the desired movement and mount with the video editor adding a sound effect

video editor

In our case the basic sequence empiezay ends at the same point in order to generate a cyclic animation (an infinite loop). When editing the video we have incorporated the same sequence twice, an audio track with the sound of wind and another with synchronized thunder with lightning. The result you can see below:

(Ver en YouTube)

While the model is extremely simple, Got the visual aspect is of interest and can be used in animations with aesthetic “Cartoon” (Cartoon)

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