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Graphic PIZiadas

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Tuneando signals

señal tuneadaThe verb “Tune” It is an adaptation that we have done in the Spanish language of the English term “Tuning” meaning “Ajustar”.

Normally used in the automotive world to indicate that an original model had been modified, adding more power, best wheels or other elements that increased the yield or the showiness of the vehicle.

The Spanish term "»Tuning"it is the modification of the performance or the appearance of a vehicle. It comes from the English Tuning ('adjust').(W)

Subsequently the adaptation of the verb has gone in the sense of being interpreted as the action of “modify” or adapt to our liking anything, moving away from the initial mechanical sense.

These modifications of the data elements remind us of some others seen in the Seville Holy week.

Do we use this term to characterize urban art?


One of the latest fashions of street art is in the “Tuning” cities traffic signals, as it can be seen in the two examples that are obtained in the center of Madrid.

Signals are used as an urban canvas painting medium, where contributions to the iconography is done to build an idea different to the symbolism of the signal.

As some of the representations of the views in the graffiti, This manifestation of art takes advantage of the spaces of urban furniture for the creation.


Does this type of creative manifestations with the coexistence of the data elements in our city?