Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Tetrahedrons in Blender

The solid modeling programs have basic objects called “primitive” from which can be generated by objects more complex geometric transformations, Boolean operations and editing vertices.

The number and type of these primitives depends on each particular program, although some of them are usually found in almost all of them.

Among the most common primitives that most 3D modeling and editing programs incorporate, found:

  • Plans
  • Circles
  • Spheres defined by parallels and meridians
  • Icoesferas (triangular faces)
  • Cylinders of revolution
  • Cones
  • Regular hexahedron (cubes)
  • Toroid (bulls of revolution)

Knowledge of the properties of geometric figures allow us to generate other basic bodies that do not have the application, from the elements described above. Let's look at an example below that has been developed using the Blender editing and animation software.

Tetraedro regular

One of the best known geometric bodies within the family of Platonic solids is the “Tetraedro regular”. Figure formed by four vertices, four faces and 6 edges.

The faces of the regular tetrahedron are equilateral triangles. En cada vértice concurren tres de estos triángulos.

Las aristas del cuerpo tienen todas la misma longitud. Dos aristas no concurrentes son perpendiculares entre sí,