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Power Concepts [ Prezi ]

The concept of power is fundamental to solving problems in a structured way and generalization of tangency where angularity.
This concept, initially apply the fundamental problem of tangents, allow us to use a systematic analysis of different cases, because we can reduce the remaining exercises tangent circles to three given to a single basic problem.
In this presentation, made with Prezi, the basic ideas associated with this important concept is.

Metric geometry : Generalization of the concept of “Power”

generalization power concept

El concepto de potencia de un punto respecto de una circunferencia se basa en el producto de la mayor por la menor de las distancias de un punto a una circunferencia.
These distance values ​​are given in the string that contains the center of the circle and the point, namely, in diameter containing said point.
Is it possible to generalize this concept to consider other strings passing through the point P?

Metric geometry : Concepto de “Potencia de un punto respecto de una circunferencia”

Potencia de un punto respecto de una circunferencia

El concepto de potencia de un punto respecto de una circunferencia permite relacionar las nociones estudiadas en los teorema de Thales y Pitágoras y es la puerta para el estudio de los problemas de tangencias y transformaciones como la inversión.
We will use the concepts of able to arch over a segment on our shows, what is suggested by his review.
This concept is based on the product of two segment and, as discussed, It allows to determine geometrical places of great importance as for example the radical axis of two circles.