Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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"Airbrushes: Power (Concept)" [Blogs experimental]

I present another “Educational Blogs” involved in the experience educational innovation that takes place in the EUITA.

The choice of name related to the qualification that made (Ingeniero Técnico Aeronáutico, especializados en diseño de aeronaves) con la asignatura que cursan (expresión gráfica en la ingeniería, de primer curso). La palabra resultante, and the embroidery, It represents a useful of artistic design also used for conceptual design, reinforcing its perfect location on the experience.

Design the “avatar” representative of the working group, that at the time of the publication of this post has made four contributions to the blog, is clear and adapted to the relevant subject, fulfilling the objectives set out in the definition of experimental educational project. Grafos y aviones sintetizan el concepto de las dos palabras que lo forman y que han sido diferenciadas mediante el uso de distintas tipografías. The horizontal design allows a heaven in which fly their planes.

I leave one of your pages and the corresponding embedded link to the blog (in which they have previously promoted) for disseminating innovative educational experience and promote participating students.

You can participate by making comments to your entries, giving your opinion and motivating their work. I think evolving learning with a true enjoyment of the experience, reinforcing their learning process. In this case, they have made a presentation in which is one of the basis of Euclidean geometry concepts.

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