Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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"Pythagoras: Bet geometric" [Blogs experimental]

I present another “Educational Blogs” involved in the experience educational innovation that takes place in the EUITA.

The choice of name relates the number surveyor par excellence (Pi = 3.14) with one of the characters that provide the basic theorems in geometry is based: With his famous Pythagorean theorem triangles.

Design the “avatar” representative of the working group, that at the time of publishing this post takes two injections performed to blog, is clear and adapted to the relevant subject, fulfilling the objectives set out in the definition of experimental educational project. Use mathematical symbols and a minimalist design and a touch of humor.

I leave one of embedded pages, as well as the link to the blog, maintaining the same structure of presentation in the rest of pages aimed at disseminating and promoting the experience of participating students blog.

You can participate by making comments to your entries, giving your opinion and motivating their work. I think they are providing interesting prisms of the subject matter.

What looks like the this blog?


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