Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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"The Euler graph: The size of the Earth" [Blogs experimental]

I present another “Educational Blogs” involved in the experience educational innovation that takes place in the EUITA.

The choice of name relates the world of graphs with one of its main creators, that devised as a way to solve problems wit and other mathematically-. Interestingly one of the first papers describing the solution of the problem of the bridges whose solution is attributed to Euler.

Design the “avatar” representative of the working group, that at the time of publishing this post has made six contributions to the blog, figure is a so-called “impossible”, dimensional generalization Moebius strips, but that reminds us of classic plane geometry triangles, fulfilling the objectives set out in the definition of experimental educational project. The singularities of representation such as the outlook seems to influence and attract the group of students, so your banner is set and define your preferences.

I leave one of your pages and the corresponding embedded link to the blog (systematically what we have done in the past) for disseminating innovative educational experience and promote participating students.

You can participate by making comments to your entries, giving your opinion and motivating their work. I think we can make, without loss of scientific rigor, a much more complete picture of the geometry and its possibilities. In this case, have made a presentation in which it is one of the main concepts of the geometry and allows us to carry out calculations of astronomical nature.

What looks like the this blog?

Blogs experimental: Starting an experience of educational use of blogs