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What is Morphing ?

Classically known “Morphing” to a technique of digital image manipulation that allows a controlled transition animation-- two different images. The transformation required for its calculation is done in the so-called “space ratio”.

A generalization of the concept of morphing in the “Object Space” is the transformation of a three dimensional object in another. A level of objects is often referred “deformation”, but it is still the same concept of “change to a new state of the form”.

Generalize in a more abstract without identifying the item or property that changes; therefore avoid identifying whether the color pixel or vertex position which must move from one color to another, from one position to another, ultimately from one state to another.

“Morphing” is the technique for obtaining a particular set of intermediate states between two different states.

As an example we see a morphing into the image plane. Consider the transition needed to go from one avatar to another.

From two images substantially different effect is more interesting, because it is a movement of the images that is what characterizes this technique. We will highlight the differences with respect to a classic cast.

First transformation see images unguided, Below is a sample and which have been defined “control points” that favor one mas-oriented transformation:

If the images overlap, each pixel will have the reference values, the initial image and the image corresponding to the end.

While the first image in each pixel changes its color depending on the final pixel value only, in the second we see a movement directionality or image, since now the value also depends on a tour in images.

To guide the transformation must be identified by “control points” different positions in the original image to be taken to the corresponding marks the final image. The transformation uses these references to calculate the trajectories of each point and performing “morphing” of images.

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