Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Morphing Phases : Example applied to faces [ with Squirlz Morph ]

The process of “Morphing” between two images is a mix between a molten image processing and geometric surfaces.

Control points displacements indicate that the images will suffer.

The proper management of these control points results in a higher quality “transition” between images.

Here's an example done in real time, in which in just four minutes we define an acceptable transformation for our illustrative purpose. For best results you should use some more time, although still a process very efficient image processing.

The most representative image points should be chosen to locate control points. The example is between two faces, eyes so, nose and mouth are key elements; ears, cheekbones, the contour of the head, are elements that must also set, so you need at least a dozen checkpoints.