Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Morphing Control: Picture duration [ with Squirlz Morph ]

One of the aspects that need to be adjusted by morphing is the duration or number of frames needed for two different stages.

  • Transition between two images
  • Exposure of the initial and final images.

If only two images are used we can add extra time with a functionality of Morph menu:

Morph -> Hold Start/End Images

This additional time is added to the first and last frames, and can be configured with different values ​​for each.

Sin embargo, if we conduct a multi-image morphing, you can not add extra time to the intermediate numerically, although it is possible to get the effect duplicating images.

Suppose we want to make the transition from three images, stopping at the first and last, and coming back with a new morphing to the first

The first idea would be to introduce a new image to get the circular effect, but in this case the third image (the rocket) just as it would be the morphing begin immediately to move to the fourth image.

The solution would be to duplicate the image of the rocket, so that for the time necessary to make the morphing between two images would still actually watching it, so you would get the desired effect

Once removed we can assemble the sequence repeatedly in our video Editos, obtaining a result as illustrated in the 30 following video seconds.