Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Only simple parts can be represented by a pair of orthogonal views. As complicated geometry we need new projection directions to determine all the details of the object.

Oblique planes should be projecting in any of the views chosen to determine their slopes; The circles should be observed in real scale in any of the projections, except that we use annotations (sizing techniques) determine which.

The axes of the cylinders (Drills) and circles are represented by dot-dash línes. Hidden edges are indicated by dashed lines.

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Choose properly the main view can greatly facilitate the work of three-dimensional object restitution.

Represent the views of the object, so that it is completely determined. Limit on views.

Displaying the piece may require a extension browsers “Chrome” for proper handling.

The camera can be configured to project the object conically, simulating human vision, or by a cylindrical projection of more technical character.

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