Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

My world is in..

And the winner of # letrasenelsahara is


We reached the end of the contest An image by Mil # letrasenelsahara and thus one of the most difficult moments on par with exciting: Choosing the winner of the competition.

In total were selected 16 “Pleas” with their respective “Banners” partners should contain the tag used to identify the initiative of the social network Twitter: #letrasenelsahara

The set of banners can consult in the page-gallery that has opened in the blog for public exposure; result it was a collection of ideas of high artistic quality in addition to the great human support for the initiative has meant # letrasenelsahara.

The jury was made up of four people logically we have not participated in the contest: @ Jsanz that has driven the project that has emerged in a conversation with @ Psandez (see For example post de @jsanz), @ JRMora who collaborated with his book and myself, @ Piziadas, I recepcionado and published papers submitted.

In the first instance we select two or three candidates and put in a new entry to the finalists for a public vote chose the winner, but upon individual feedback one of the work has been nominated unanimously, what has led us to take the decision to regard him with honors winner this contest, not without thanking all who have participated more or less directly in the development of this unique contest in which the image is fused with the letters.

And without further ado, although they were bound, proceed to nominate the @ Trianarts unanimously winning the contest banners qualified “An image by Mil # letrasenelsahara” for their choice of “Reason” his masterful technique and realization, as you can see in the following pictures:

@ Trianarts

Proceed to get in touch with her to send your mailing address those tangible rewards, and facilitate contact email you provide to other details that complement this award.

Congratulations to the winner, Congratulations to those who have participated Great work with your and that since the social network Twitter have contributed to the dissemination of the initiative.

Thanks to all.


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