Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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San Auto Thumbs : Visual Plugin for WordPress

Me gusta incluir I empre en las entradas you describa Primera Imagen que el contenido de la SMA, also define as “Featured image” in editing the post with WordPress.

Esters of I facility Imagen de forma en el Lado preferente izqierdo, en the Primera Linea de texto, I rve y para of al introducción post.

La plantilla (tema) the accusation es mas que de todas sencilla, “Twenty Ten 1.2 por the WordPress team” of the I mplicidad que busco en las presentaciones. Sin embargo, the Página principal o Página de ENTRADA isolates que me gusta para que varias entradas on you global idea de lo que el aporta blog.

La plantilla USADA Nuestra el texto en formato de los artículos no reducido Pero las imágenes, por lo que he resuelto of presentación con un interesante “Plugin” called “San Auto Thmbs” using the first image of the post to illustrate the main page as seen in the blog. A plugin that adds a visual component the blog.

This plugin has a very simple configuration page that allows us to indicate whether the image is placed on the right or left of the “summary” or accompanying text, and the size that you need this. It works automatically, so there is no special action required to old posts, because in case of not finding images, adds them “by default”

The image size is recalculated to fit the desired preference.

One of the problems I've encountered with this plugin is that it works the same with pages that are automatically generated by searching the blog. For the plugin to work with search pages we edit. Look for the line that says:

// Main function to diplay on front end

add_filter('The_content', 'SAN_Auto_Thumbs');

And add a new line that will solve this lack

add_filter('The_excerpt', 'SAN_Auto_Thumbs');

It is a plugin that I love for aesthetics feeding on blog page, and I recommend you try if you seek something similar.

?You find it attractive entry page?