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Blender 2.64 New version of 3D animation suite

The latest version of the software suite 3D animation production, Blender, is available for download.

The new version introduces many improvements, incorporates new features and revises many other increasing efficiency and manageability. In particular note is the incorporation of the new native rendering engine “Cycles” and debug efforts VFX pipeline, completing the tool in post-production.

This release was targeted at improving Blender for the Mango open movie project, along with integrating branches and patches from the past years.


Blender 2.64

Among the areas for improvement of this review we:
  • Mask Editor : Masks can be used to define areas of influence in the node editor. They can be encouraged.
  • Motion Tracker : Has been revised to improve its control and automation.
  • Green Screen : We have added two new nodes to work with Cromas (green funds)
  • Mesh Tools : Improved creation and editing of polygon meshes.
  • Sculpting : Masks for sculpting, control new tools and enhancements texture maps thus surfacing.
  • Skin Modifier: Generate a surface from a polygon.
  • Game Engine: Improved lighting and shadows. Incorporating new multiphysics in controllable objects..
  • Compositing : The images postproduction system is more efficient (faster and less memory consumption). New nodes are added.
  • Color: integration OpenColorIO , management system redesign and incorporation of new color spaces.
  • Cycles Render: Incorporating native rendering of the new model, with significant improvements in computational efficiency (buffers, BVH's, multithreaded …) and new lighting nodes, texture ….
  • Sequencer: Improved efficiency and interactivity.

A new version that adds additional enhancements to the interface, particle system, editing curves …. and corrects defects (bugs) previous versions.

You Download Blender for your operating system from the official website.