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Graphic PIZiadas

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We spoke with Javier DeFelipe on Innovation and Neuroscience

Javier_deFelipeAfter the conference Innovation & Neuroscience: Innovation in science: what makes us human, given by Professor Javier DeFelipe in BBVA Innovation Center the 18 October, conducted a short interview that has been edited with images of the event.

Javier Defelipe reinforces the idea of ​​the need for recognition of image and graphic post-processing in the advancement of science, and interdisciplinary study as a working model.

What makes man human? Neuroscientist Javier has raised DeFelipe answers to this complex question about one of the goals of neuroscience: understand the biological mechanisms responsible for human mental activity.

We have had the opportunity to interview him after the lecture and even find out more about our brains.