Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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A curious piece of technical drawing

partOne of the classic exercises that start in high school is that of obtaining a three-dimensional model from two or more given views of an object.

Objects or initial parts tend to be basic and composed of flat surfaces. In general, the space they occupy is limited to a small cuboid.

Through this exercise stimulates the so-called “spatial vision” Student, looking to learn how to “read” and “To write” graphically representation of volumes.

As it delves into this type of exercise objects are complicated to represent. One of the first challenges is to include castings (holes) whose edges will be represented by hidden lines, as it can be seen in the following example.


simple piece

If we add a new hole square piece we can get the two views are identical, as can be seen in this new image. The lines of the interior (líneas ocultas) they are represented with discontinuous lines.

Part two holes

Sin embargo, a very simple representation may not be so simple for “read” as you would expect. If we remove the lines hidden from the previous representation, the object is another.

Would you be able to identify a solution? And two? How many could have?

complex piece

Later we will see the solution by adding a link at the end of this page.