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Pescando con Sam (Fishing With Sam 2009) [ Animation ]

fishing with Sam

The short independent animation production are increasingly common due to the ease of access to production tools such as modeling and Blender.
Training schools offer courses in art of high artistic level in which students present their creativity in this format for easy consumption. Funny stories that are inspired by the creative lines of big studios like Disney or Pixar.

Laberinto Garfield con PHP

Younger children like to solve mazes. It represents a very spatial orientation exercise training. A labyrinth (the latin Labyrinthus, and this from the Greek λαβύρινθος labýrinzos) is a place made up of streets and crossroads, intentionally complex to confuse who trespasses on it.(W) I leave the result of a programming exercise in… (leer más)

Técnicas Dinámicas y Aprendizaje Transversal y Competencial en Grupos Numerosos de Alumnos: Proyectos de innovación educativos

The dynamic training in many groups is a task that requires specific strategies to achieve. The difficulty of organizing experiences in a dynamic group of over 40 or 50 school, creates a rejection to the Alarm incorporate appropriate educational techniques. Esto se produce especialmente en los grupos de primer curso que… (leer más)