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Graphic PIZiadas

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iHalloween – Pumpkin my Mac


When we decorate our computer always think of a desktop background or wallpaper suitable to the occasion.
There are other fun ways to “tunearlo” out that do not need a complex software or an expensive investment.

Have scissors and some Post-it notes?

The most famous of these festivals are objects pumpkins. Can we convert our Apple logo on your Mac in a fun character? I do not need to give too many instructions. 😉

Iphone 5 [ Mosaic 2400 x 1200 ]


Another anticipated release with Apple's apple. El Iphone 5 has been revealing in different angles to create an expectation in the innovation-hungry technocrats.

The last few days have appeared or stolen images, at least, of doubtful origin, until the official presentation of the product.

A mosaic (almost a rosary) confuses our minds, like the image below commemorative event, comparing the old and new model, and you can view high resolution (iphone 4 Vs iphone 5 in 2400 x 1200) selecting it with the mouse.