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Origen de la projective geometry: Renaissance [ School ]

One of the parts of the geometry that is more prevalent in the corresponding representation is descriptive geometry. Among the works that have made my students, some have focused on the origins of the different geometries, like the one I present today which relate historical aspects and characters that have contributed significantly to this field of science of great application to ingeniarías and Art.

Geometry : Variational geometry educational software


The study of the geometry has been done conventionally constructed figures composed of lines and circles which are related by geometrical concepts. These figures are obtained from a particular position in the data of a problem and the aim is to superimpose a set of constructs for determining the solution thereof. Without… (leer más)

Mathematical Games [ School ] [ Experimental Blogs ]


Among the items that have posted my students are some who, if not represent exactly the model we have studied geometry, develop the intellect, curiosity and desire to learn.

No less interesting his playful orientation as a means of approach to knowledge, and above all makes us think about other ways to approach them exploiting its foci of interest.

The UPM opens in Twitter


The 26 October 2011 publicábamos: LaUniversidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) se estrena hoy en la red social Twitter con el nick @La_UPM. La imagen corporativa de la UPM ha añadido la silueta del logotipo de Twitter a una imagen con su escudo para reforzar su avatar oficial en la red en tiempo real por… (leer más)

Mechanisms singular : Gears [ Gears ]

I engranaje_cubo

Our world is ruled by mechanical gears that rotate continuously. The intrinsic rotation concept has led to the concept of circular patterns (Cylindrical) the basis of traditional. A unique set of gears are the ingenuity of its creators, taking another step in this complex world of mechanical…. (leer más)

Fabrication Technology: Drill square holes

Drill square holes

We've all seen on occasion how to make a drill (hole) Round through the circular motion of a tool for drilling (a drill) a machine coupled (borer).

The evolution of these tools has led to develop systems capable of drilling in polygonal. One of the most surprising may be the square type, by the paradox that generates circular motion thus.

Technical Drawing with QR codes for the project INNOVABLOG

Social networks with content repositories can be conjugated establishing production and communication environments adaptable to new educational paradigms, wherein the asynchronous access time provide a better utilization of the resources.

Geometry in sports: skiing [School]

Mens sana in corpore sano, and healthier the sport and a restless mind. My students enjoy both qualities and do not hesitate to relate by geometry applied to the design of equipment for sports. En esta entrada publicada en sus blogs tenemos un ejemplo de la aplicación de la geometría al estudio de la… (leer más)

El Tangram [School]

Among the experiences of using educational blogs we do with our students, I was struck by the number of items that have been included in those aspects “recreational” have been developed with great frequency elements.

The geometry is present in all of them and is a motivating way to approach your knowledge. In this case the group “Able Arc” presents a classic puzzle consisting of elementary steps.

Pieces of Drafting [27] [Normalization] [Education]


Technical drawing a piece formed by revolution cylinder sectioned by an inclined plane, to which he has removed a rectangular region and have added two “ears” perforated. Descargar Fichero PDF 3D Necesitaremos dos vistas para su completa definición en una representación normalizada. Las líneas de tangencia… (leer más)

Pieces of Drafting [26] [Normalization] [Education]

In this new piece of technical drawing , offered for standardized representation, lateral planes are slightly oblique. Under these conditions, is easy to misinterpret its slope, which can be “intuited” and parallel to the projection. Un análisis detallado de la perspectiva con la utilización de líneas auxiliares de referencia nos puede… (leer más)