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Wallpaper: Christmas 2012 (X) : Christmas balls and tinsel snow [ Imagen 1280×1024 ]


We expanded the number of images to our wallpaper this Christmas 2012.

Here is a simple exercise with what we have seen to model in Blender tinsel, and the use of textures for environments (environments) with Cycles render.

Christmas balls and tinsel ribbons were made Glossy material.

This image presents a composition that is a variant of wallpaper “Christmas balls and tinsel night” which has changed the image of environment on the other with a snowy landscape.

Environment Texture [ Cycles ] [ Blender ]


Los mapas de entorno permiten recrear un escenario a partir de una imagen panorámica de 360 grados.

Cycles in Blender has a node to create a fund from such images, reflejándose en los objetos que forman la escena.

En el menú “World” podemos definir la iluminación de entorno así como la imagen de fondo o mapa de entorno.

Real or simulated? : Fruits [ Cycles ] [ Blender ] [ Wallpaper ]


We advance in experiments on renderings “Cycles”, Looking inanimate everyday objects. The search for solutions to obtain realistic images of time is based on two “Shaders” : Difusse y Glossy, mixed with “Mix Shader”.

The image also incorporates textures to map brightness, y un desenfoque que le aporta un efecto macro de fotografía.

Cycles : Shaders : Mix [ Blender ]


In addition to the basic set of “shaders” incorporating “Blender” in “Cycles”, There is a special element that can combine two of them: “Mix Shader”.

The definition of a material, normally, will be conducted using two or more shaders on the same object. The main difficulty is to determine the properties needed to create the desired effect that simulates the behavior of the material to light.

Brain IV : Brain - Glossy [ Imagen ][ Wallpaper ]


A new rendering of the 3D model of the brain made with Blender animation software.
In this case we have defined material surfaces “Glossy” and has used a shader (render) with the new model called “Cycles” technique that uses a multi-pass rendering with light transport.

Sony Realtime Projection Mapping “Great films fill room”

filled room

The immersive virtual reality systems are in a stage of development which ensures a promising future in the world of entertainment, Training and Simulation.

The use of multimedia devices and positioning technologies integration, interaction and projection are leading to interesting demonstrations of the power of these technologies.

Mapas de normales : bump mapping : Mapeado topológico


In computer animation the number of surfaces in the scene greatly influences the time of computation (rendering) de la SMA.

A technique for simulating on a flat surface roughness is called “Bump mapping”; comprises applying a texture to the surface to modify the direction of the normal to the same, influencing the calculation of shading algorithms (Shading) applied during image rendering, without changing the topology.

Qué es el “Scattering” en imagen de síntesis ?


Cuando realizamos imagen de síntesis podemos perseguir que las imágenes parezcan reales o se asemejen a los clásicos dibujos animados (Cartoon). En el primer caso, simular el comportamiento de la luz obliga a usar elaboradas técnicas de renderizado y a elegir los materiales de nuestros objetos con sumo detalle.
Uno de los efectos que podemos simular es la desviación de la luz al atravesar superfícies semiopacas, como la piel de los personajes. Surfaces are allowed to spend a portion of light that illuminates the interior, but on his journey constantly changes direction upon impact with the molecules of the object. The technique that simulates this effect is called “Scattering”.