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Formula 1 Sepang, Malaysia [ Imagen ][ #F1 ]

Second round of World Championship Formula 1, this time takes place in Sepang, Malaysia.
A new season in which, from the first race, podemos ver el alto nivel tecnológico y competitivo de las escuderias uqe participan.
Aportamos una nueva imagen a nuestra colección para homenajear a este singular circuito en el que Alonso celebró su primera victoria.

Cyprus and the Euro [ Imagen ]

A new image, made with Blender, which associates economic problems of the eurozone countries like Cyprus, in the dark background of the global economy.

A news, Cypriot playard, that does nothing to call ghosts we all have, debate rescuing the euro's survival.
The legal uncertainty of these events in contrast to our criticisms of the nationalization of enterprises in third countries. Payment of the economic excesses imposed on the population in a dark suit political and social interests.

Today is Cyprus, a small country … Tomorrow?

El Salto, Felix Wormgartner [ School ][ Blender ]

The work of Blender course this year are breaking all records of … ¿High?

We have seen the flight of the Saturn V and now …

Hoy quiero share todos con otro de los mejores trabajos, realizado by a team of four trans alumnos 7 classes of animation with Blender and two or three otras rendering imágenes.

Ya está disponible la nueva versión de Blender ( 2.66 )

As every few months, a new version of the most important free modeling and animation software has come to light. Blender 2.66 is available for download on different operating systems on the official pages of the application:

The novelties are many important.

First were fixed over 250 errors (bugs) the previous version.

Pumpkins of my students (XIII) Challenge to the perception

In proposing the creation of a work halloween pumpkin my students never thought that he could get much juice to exercise.

Besides the interesting variety of models created to recreate the classic face, I found a perceptive curiosity led me to a detailed analysis of some aspects of the Gestalt Laws in class.

Wave [ wallpaper ]

One of the most intriguing aspects of Blender is the ability to use objects to represent the points (vertices) a surface.
The image that I bring today is made from a plane deformation undergone by a sinusoidal law, where we have changed the points of its surface by icosahedra.

Encourage ambient lighting in Cycles [ Blender ]

An effect that can be interesting is to illuminate the sky changing shape to simulate a sunrise or a sunset on “time-lapse”.

Lighting variables, as well as other variables in Blender, son susceptibles de ser animadas mediante la técnica de Key frames.

Wallpaper: Christmas 2012 (XXVI) : Christmas tree helical [ Imagen 1280×1024 y HD 1920 x 1080 ]

A straight tapered axial helix is ​​the basis for this wallpaper which idealizes a Christmas tree.

The model used to test the performance of twisted ruled surfaces, at the time you create a wallpaper.

Once more, la geometría aparece en nuestros diseños navideños. Una arista que rota y se traslada segúnla dirección del tronco del árbol genera una interesante superficie que lo emula.

Index of refraction

Index of refraction

By introducing transparent materials have been different parameters that characterize. In “Cycles” have named a shader “Glass” to simulate the behavior of translucent objects where the light changes direction through them.

Has an associated transparency parameter that redirection of light rays passing through the material, is the coefficient of refraction; the software performs calculations to simulate these effects are based on the "Law of Snell".