Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Parametric Design Synthesis image: Helicoids

A helix is ​​a surface generated by moving a straight line with two movements: A rotation around an axis or core, and a translation in the direction of said shaft.

You can generate complex animations from repetition and simple processing elements.

The helix is ​​applicable in different architectural structures and mechanical applications.

A simple line can generate a helical ramp similar to that shown in Figure, to move in space by rotational and translational movements.

If the line intersects the axis of rotation in all positions, say he helicoide are axial. If the line is perpendicular to the axis is called “straight axial helical”.

The transformations range from simple moves to complex sequences of different mathematical equations; in editing programs and synthetic image animation based transformations generally available in translation, the rotation and scaling of objects. It is of interest therefore their study to determine the different possibilities that we can offer.

An example of basic animation can motivate us to start your exploration:

Blender animation software to use a matrix operator that manages these transformations, allowing a controlled encourage different states of transformation.

In the following video of the helix, were generated 2000 frames in which a spherical element is replicated several times, (with triangular faces semitransparent). These copies of the original object have undergone a series of transformations (rotations and translations) chained form, to create structures based on helical. A scaling factor finally changed the taper of the resulting set.