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Graphic PIZiadas

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3D Animation, Text: Insert and Edit [Blogs experimental] [Blender]

Animation software is used in different areas of interest not only to use primordial cover: creating scenes with animated characters; one of the most common applications is creation “input and output masks” in any television or film production; can also be used to compose signage or advertisements. The text in all cases is the main element of communication.

A Blender. Text processing has its peculiarities as any object or primitive system, and therefore is also treated as a generic and apply generic transformations: Translation, Rotation and scale change.

Add Text

To add a new text element will access the corresponding menu, from option “Add” from the main menu, or by pressing the space bar to the context menu in the graphics window.

By default it generates a text element with the string “Text”. This displays the item immediately to assign different material properties as, textures etc.

Edit Text

To modify the text we move to “edit mode” (Edit Mode), pressing “Tab” (changes between states “Edit Mode” and “Object Mode”) used for tabulation of characters, or from the bottom menu 3D windows, selecting this mode.

By switching to a vertical rectangle appears next to the last letter, indicating the position in the text, where editing occurs.

Therefore this rectangle represents the current cursor position, and allows us to edit the characters similar to any word processor.

Erase forward or behind, insert characters or replace the basic operations will employ in this editing mode.

3D text

You can also change different parameters that affect the visual appearance of the text, as the thickness of the characters, width, font, and other effects such as beveled edges.

Select the corresponding controls by pressing “F9” menu or by clicking the button that activates graphic mode “Editing”

In the Controls window will deploy new tabs with options available to manipulate this entity. We discuss briefly some of the most relevant aspects

Curve and Surface

Tab “Curve and Surface” has several controls of interest, as those that allow the center text “pivot”.

The focus makes sense for many applications such as making the camera look at all the text when automate follow the same. or just for a scaling maintaining its centered position.

Among the variables that should be noted we:

  • Width: Modify the width of the character
  • Extrude: Changes 3D depth
  • Bevel Depth: Modifies the beveled

The beveled edges “rounded” text, therefore glare better delineate the outline of the letters. In the example are three cases in which the value has risen steadily beveling.

By increasing the bevel can also be necessary to increase the thickness of the letters.

The extrusion adds depth to the characters, giving three-dimensional sense.


Tab “Font” allows us to change and modify the font and size of characters.

By default there is a game that incorporates the software selected, but you can load any font available on the system. For this, use the button “Load” and indicate the file containing the source.

There are many sources online repositories of a variety of styles that can be downloaded to our work environment. On a Windows system find system fonts in the directory “Font” found in the directory that contains the operating system, usually called “Windows”.

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