Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Wallpaper: Flower “Prune trilobulado”

The Prunus triloba Lindl is known by different names, as: Plum Flower, Almond Flower, Almond tree, Plum trilobal.

Belongs to the family “Rosaceae” and its origin is in China; being introduced in Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century.

Its size is between a small tree and a big bush. Its leaves have three lobes with serrated edges, velvety on the underside and provided with violet petioles.

It blooms in late winter marking the beginning of spring.

Its flowers are white or pink, double or half full depending on the variety, solitary or gathered in bunches over the entire length of the branches; appear on the plant before the leaves.

The image resolution can be downloaded 1706 x 1280 to be used as fondo de escritorio (walpaper) clicking the mouse on it.

flor prunoTechnical data obtained in InforJardin (see the first link to access the page)

International year of forests

2011 año internacional de los bosques

2011 international year of forests