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Graphic PIZiadas

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Fabrication Technology: Drill square holes

Broca para taladros cuadrados We've all seen on occasion how to make a drill (hole) Round through the circular motion of a tool for drilling (a drill) a machine coupled (borer).

The evolution of these tools has led to develop systems capable of drilling in polygonal. One of the most surprising may be the square type, by the paradox that generates circular motion thus.

There are solutions to triangles, exágonos, ellipses and other geometric models. In the accompanying video you can see examples of square holes with two different ideas, a reciprocating movement of the drill, or an eccentric. Ingenious solutions to a technological problem interesting.

In the first case the idea is to move the drill bit into a reciprocating motion along its axis.



In the second case an eccentric system (moving the axis of rotation) to achieve the same effect.

In the following links you can extend the theoretical model developed by the bit eccentric and that is the basis for other types of polygonal holes.

As always, thank my friend and colleague Santiago Poveda for his motivating ideas for the blog.