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Graphic PIZiadas

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FotoSketcher: Filter pencil drawing: Get a basic outline

caso_A_thumbWe have seen a digital editing tool called opensource FotoSketcher : that turns your photos into drawings.

Let's see how you can modify its parameters to obtain a clean sketch from a photograph.

Start from a homogeneous color image such as the sailboat that can be considered monochromatic (blue range) and apply the pencil filter values ​​to the default..


The result is shown below, which has generated obliquely striped background replacing the sky and water in the image, on which is superimposed the outline, also scratched. boat.barco_dibujo_por_defecto

If we agree to the parameters that adjust the resulting image, We can change the color intensity decreasing it to its minimum value in order to get a black and white image.

We may also increase the maximum contrast level, in this case to distinguish between the edges and filling forms. The edge threshold may be at a low level to remove noise in the image, but high intensity so that clearly mark.

The last setting is the level of darkness / lightness, indicating the amount of global pencil has image. I will place a high value (clarity) to leave just the basic strokes of the image.


The result is an image that can serve for the smaller color it engaged in. An image is a simple outline of the original photograph.caso_A

While we modify the image, in the preview window, we're getting an idea of ​​the result that we will get. The experience will guide us in changing tuning parameters that allow a significant range of possibilities.