Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Particle Systems : Emitter : Basic variables [ Blender ]

Sistema de particulas

Particle System

Once created Particle System from an object in Blender, proceed to adjust the variables that govern.

These variables allow you to define aspects such as the type or shape of the particles, number and frequency of emission, physical properties that govern …etc..

The first tests we do with the simulator should be made with few particles and changes in a small number of variables to understand in depth their influence on the simulation. The variation in the values ​​of variables can be high in order to magnify the result and clearly observe the overall effect.

First see the parameters that affect the amount and frequency of particles created. In another article will deepen in the physical behavior of these.

Number of particles

Numero de particulas

Number of particles

The first variable defined in an animation displays the number of particles generated in the same, and at what time and for how many frames (time).

By increasing the number of particles need more resources in memory and processing time to estimate the simulation (CPU)

In the following example are defined 200, 2000 and 20000 particles (red, green, blue)

Número de partículas

Number of particles (200, 2000, 20000)

Frequency of issue

Duración de las partículas

Duration of the particles

Besides the number of emitted particles indicate when we will begin to build and what frame are finished issuing.

As a result we will be determining the emission frequency (number of particles per unit time) by dividing the number of particles by the difference between the start frame and the end frame.

An additional parameter will determine the duration or life of each particle.

Origin of the particles

Emit from menu

Emit from menú

The particles leave the object or born that has served to define the particle system.

These particles may have originated at the vertices of the geometry, faces or inside the restricted volume by its surface.

The following image has been referred to the three cases; In the right image (red) row is forming to locate its origin at the vertices. The central image (green) uses the faces of the object and the right figure (blue) the internal volume. Note the difference in distribution in passing a few frames of animation.

Emit from

Emit from

To view the simulation simply press the button animation (Play) on “Timeline” or will press the key combination “Alt“+”A“.



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