Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Completion of the dendrites and axon [ image ]

neurona del lóbulo visual de un moscardónImage of a neuron, VCH-cobalt, of a bumblebee (“Blowfly”) female, situated in its visual lobe, that has been treated with visualization software to segment neuron model based on various parameters.

In this case, the neuron is colored highlighting varying the diameter of the filiform elements that compose (axon and dendrites).

The axon, cilindroeje or neuritis are extensions of neurons specialized in conducting nerve impulses from the cell body or soma to another cell. In adult laneurona is a single extension. (W)

The terminal ends are highlighted by adding a small mark (orange squares).

The dendrites are branched protoplasmic, rather short, the neuron. Neuron terminals are; and are involved in the reception of stimuli, serve as receptors for nerve impulses from one axon from belonging to another neuron.(W)

neurona del lóbulo visual de un moscardón

Neuron visual lobe of a female bumblebee



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