Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Revolver Maps : estadísticas de visitas en blogs de forma visual

Revolver MapsSimilar to Pulsemap, “Revolver Maps” It is a visual tool that gives us real-time information on the number and origin of visitors to the blog.

Easily installed from the official page Revolver Maps.

Las visitas que se encuentran activas (conectadas con el blog) son visualmente identificadas con un destello sobre el mapa, creando una curiosa sensación de dinamismo.

Visitas activas

Active Views

The software can display small statistical studies of the origin and frequency of visits by geographical area (countries). Once installed, after a few minutes to register their first visits, we can see some significant data.

Análisis de visitas

Analysis of visits

Presentación 3D

3D Presentation

Visualization of origin of visitors to the blog may be added in the form of 2D or 3D map (JAVA application), can interact with the mouse on the latter type of graphical presentation.

These maps are configurable from the pages created the hit counter, can be personalized in different aspects.

It's an interesting way to share our blog spreading, with a friendly interface presentation.

The latest features that have been added to this classic software would make for detailed analysis serve mainly the origin of visitors, can display a detailed study for hours and countries with calculation of average values ​​in these slots.

Análisis en franjas horarias

Analysis slots