Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Worldmapper : Another way of looking with Maps earthlike

Worldmapper is a website that allows you to view data graphically, map shaped Earth, that tell us about our world: The distribution of wealth, its inequalities, risks etc..

The data associated with the different countries are projected on a globe that inflates or deflates their maps to see the impact of the studied data on each of the countries, modifying its appearance.

More than 600 maps covering, each one of them, about 200 territories, representing 99.95% of the world's population.

A narrow country indicates that the variable we are viewing has little or no relevance to their population, while a country “inflated” denotes a high incidence of said variable. This way of seeing the globe gives us a quick overview of the incidence of each case study in each region, graphically allowing us to appreciate the important inequalities, as can be seen in a couple of examples:

Hospital beds

Camas de hospital

Hospital beds

Military expenditures

Gastos militares

Military expenditures

Deaths from hepatitis B

Muerte por hepatitis B

Death from hepatitis B

The data are classified into categories. You can directly access each from the following table:

Along with the informational aspect, these pages may serve to take a long look in many ways.

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