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Graphic PIZiadas

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Blender 2.73 RC

Blender 2.73 ThumbChristmas tend to be accompanied by gifts that fill us with enthusiasm and for lovers of 3D animation Blender, the popular suite of free software that allows the different phases that lead to the production of a film of this genre, It has given us a new version that is available on your pages.

A few days ago they allow us to access a version “beta” that it has become candidate “RC” (Release Candidate) before moving, In short with small bug fixes if necessary, to be final.

Blender 2.73Next to important improvements in rendering Cycles motor, in particular relating to the volumetric rendering and optimization in general, surprising capacity of animation mode “Grease Pencil” than anticipated in “ForYou”.

The selection and modeling tools are also improved, Although they are not the only. The tools of the “Sequencer” They seem to be a new aim of the team of developers with the incorporation of a “backdrop” as the node editor.

We will be analyzing the new functions in our tutorials gradually, at the moment we desenvolveremos this gorgeous Christmas gift.