Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Halloween Pumpkin in Blender

calabazas de halloweenWe will use a topical issue for our class modeled in Blender. Aprovechando las fiestas de Halloween, trataremos de modellizar una pumpkin. This page will serve as a general script for practice, giving details on other pages more specific individuals to perform operations.

The end result you can see on “Calabaza de Halloween

The first thing we will do is search the internet to use as a model template and model following a reference on the screen.

After selecting the desired image (such as we have found aquí) the can use as background image.

6 calabazas de halloween

pumpkins for the template

The basic form can be obtained from a primitive sphere Accept the number of subdivisions that comes by default.

AddUVSphere calabazas de halloween

Add UVSphere

We will modify the way you view the field, passing as wire, to see the background image.

Modo_Alambre calabazas de halloween


Selecting pairs meridians (or odd), the climb to create the “wedges” Pumpkin.

select_meridianos calabazas de halloween

We will select some meridians

Remove part of the surface to create the eyes, nose and mouth. We can remove the vertices faces. Formerly we will increase the mesh density by any method of subdivision to increase the number of vertices and faces.

Modificadores : Subdivision surface

Modifiers : Subdivision surface

To delete a vertex or a face, you select in edit mode and the key pulsaremios “x” Add the top, selecting a curve (Alt + right mouse button)

Selección de curva

Curve selection

creating a surface from the curve (F) and performing extrusions (And) and scaled (S). Group the vertices to differentiate the parts of the object.

Extrusión rama calabazas de halloween


We can extrude surfaces or solidify to give thickness to the model if desired. We will use el engine rendered so called “Cycles“. We will place one light spot inside pumpkin.. Assign the object materials, differentiating the body pumpkin serving top binding with plant.



An alternative to creating vertex groups, for this purpose, can be divide the area into simpler objects and assign material each.

Add a plano reflectante and modify the back of the stage to obscurecerlo

calabazas de halloween sobre plano

Calabaza on plane

The last phase will be to design aplicar a digital filter. Last, with the node editor, apply a filter “Blur” to create a small blur effect that enhances the realism of the image.

Filtro Blur calabazas de halloween

Filtro Blur

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