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Graphic PIZiadas

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triangle Categories

The problem of the spin Center

A rotation in the plane is determined by its Center (spinning) and the rotated angle. This is equivalent to defining three simple data, two for the Center (coordinates “x” and “and”) and one for the value of the angle in degrees in any of the three systems of units that we use, centesimal degree, sexagesimal and radians.

Normally we tend to solve many direct problems in which there are twists in geometry. Give us a figure and we request that, with a true Center, revolve it with a certain angle. Less common is the reverse problem.

The problem of the CAP with three forms

One of the first problems posed in my classes is that call “The CAP with three forms”.

It serves as introduction to the descriptive geometry and forces to make a spatial analysis of great interest for the training of students.

The problem is to determine a plug used to fill three holes that we have made in a wooden box.

Geometría proyectiva: Construction of quadruples of points

We have seen the definition of ordered quadruples of elements, characterizing rectilinear some four points or four straight from a bundle of planes through a value or characteristic, result for the ratio of two triads determined by such elements.

We then consider the problem of obtaining, given three elements belonging to a same form of first category, series or beam, get a fourth element that determines a Tetrad of particular value.

Metric geometry: Loci. Arco able : Problema II

Las técnicas de solución de problemas basadas en la intersección de lugares geométricas se suelen asociar a problemas sencillos de la geometría clásica.

En estos casos es el planteamiento de la solución lo que entraña la mayor complejidad, ya que los lugares geométricos derivados suelen ser elementos geométricos sencillos.
Determinar un punto P desde el que se observe bajo el mismo ángulo a los tres lados de un triángulo ABC.

Metric geometry: Loci. Solución I (Selectivity 2014 – B1)

Vamos a resolver el problema de determinar un cuadrado, cuyos vértices se encuentran sobre elementos geométricos dados.
En particular fijaremos los correspondientes a una de sus diagonales sobre una recta, otro de los vértices en una recta diferente y el cuarto vértice sobre una circunferencia.

Metric geometry: Loci. Problema I (Selectivity 2014 – B1)

Los problemas básicos de geometría métrica tienen una especial belleza. Son adecuados para introducir a los alumnos en el arte del análisis en esta disciplina.

Uno de los problemas propuestos en el examen de Selectividad de Septiembre de 2014 plantea la obtención de una figura geométrica simple, un cuadrado, cuyos vértices se encuentran sobre elementos geométricos dados.

Determinación de un segmento conocido su punto medio [Statement]

An interesting metric geometry problem that can enlighten the way to find solutions is to determine a segment of known its midpoint with additional restrictions.

And that a segment is determined by its ends (colon), in the plane need four values (simple data) to set their Cartesian coordinates.

Metric geometry: Circunferencias con condiciones angulares. Solución al Problema I

From the different solutions to the problem are proposed to obtain circumferences with angular conditions ( passing through a point, are tangent to a circle, forming an angle with a straight), we will analyze this solution using the application of the concepts of power used in the “Fundamental Problem Tangencies” ( PFT ).

The general model search can be the first step of a surveyor training. Later we discuss specific ways this particular problem that could simplify the tracking.

Metric geometry: Circunferencias con condiciones angulares. Problema I

angular problems

Geometric problems can be addressed with different strategies to simplify the analysis and resolution. We can usually fit them into families well structured problems specific solutions to suit each particular problem.

Here is a basic problem in geometry “dress” or “adapted” to a technological application, suppose particularly for defining a part geometric conditions need angular constraints given by.