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Graphic PIZiadas

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Earthquake in Chile : First time on the net

  • Collection of links about the Earthquake in Chile and possible Tsunami, updated throughout the day. Extended to the valuation by the media and the new produced from Sunday news 28 February.

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Active commercial establishments (

List of deaths during the earthquake 27 February 2010 in Chile (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Chile)

Wikipedia opens a page within hours of the earthquake
Chile earthquake 2010
2010 Chile Earthquake

Google enables resources to overcome the crisis
Google crisis response

Information and resources on the earthquake in Chile, aftershocks and other earthquakes in the world.

ChileClic (State Service Guide)

Saturday 27 February

Sources of information

First casualty figures

Update 13:50
First images and graphical information


Emergency phones in Chile 568 1290 / 568 1295
Telephones of the Embassy of Chile in Venezuela: (212)9923378/ 9925364/ 9921538
568 1295 Chilean Red Cross
CRUZ ROJA CHILENA -Santiago Tel.(2)7771448-7771216 Fax(2)7370270-(2)
Chilean Embassy in Mexico. Phones:00(55)(52)52809681/82/89/98, Fax:00(55)(52)52809703
Consulate Guayaquil Chile n, Ecuador:(+593-4) 2564619, 2562995 E-mail: cggye2 @ gye
Center for Assistance to Brazilians (61) 8197-2284 –

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Update 20:05

ricardo_fs C5N reports on damages in California, Mexico and Hawaii by high waves. #terremotochile #chili via: @lexmembrana
nkkita RT @CruzRojainforma:long lines to buy foodstuffs worry with time NOT WAIT FOR LAST MINUTE
fanultra Embassy of USA recomienda twitter use sms, not saturate Telefonica lines

Update 21:28
john_ericks RT @TVN24H: 5 dead and 11 disappeared in Juan Fernandez by giant wave. Archipelago has just over 500 people
Sodas6 RT @ Nacholira: In Hilo the largest center of population of Hawaii is accumulated. That will paste the first wave, approx. 40 minutes
jesusmorles There is not a soul on the streets of #Hawaii#terremotochile
1Vzlano #chili RT @ AmericaEconomia EARTHQUAKE: first large waves, product #terremotoChile, come at this time to New Zealand

Update 22:55
ricardo_fs Detail 147 dead: Valparaiso 7, Gauteng 30, O’Higgins 40, in Maule 34, Biobío 31 and Araucanía 5 via: @cnnchile
jesedcastro In Concepcion still difficulties with communication and no light, Canon agua … #terremotochile via:@Oasica
pablobastidas Collapsed building 14 homes in conception, people trapped in the rubble
Hawaii Tsunami Warning

Earthquakes in the world in the End 4 days

San Bernardo after the earthquake
Chile awoke in the destruction (CNN Mexico)

Update 23:00
TVN24H LIVE CONCE: new building 14 homes, with 8 apartments per floor. 22 people rescued alive. Rescue Continues

Update 23:10

Diego_NS Confirmed 214 hitherto dead. Tsunami llegando in Hawaii
verocanales RT @tele13online: 30 died in the Metropolitan Region. Lampa sector was evacuated for a bad fire
wasoga RT @gesoga mae okay retired sea #sismocr#hawaii #terremotochile #chili

Update 23:30

ricardo_fs #terremotochile #rptw Unico landline Curepto is running in Hospital Emergency. 075-690021 via: @suberca10 < In Santiago
CruzRojainforma Lampa in toxic cloud forces to the entities to evacuate the settlers in radio 500 Mt
lord_oracle RT @ Revistavaso: URGENT: Chillán CURFEW will be from the 10 pm, for safety.
ricardo_fs REPLICA!!!!! was strong!!! :S #terremotochile via: @rodrisep < In Santiago de Chile

Update 23:40

deftoneslatino RT @ElPerro_: The city of Rancagua no longer exists. #TerremotoChile / ??? Rgua and I'm in this all plays in center field
frvelizfadic RT "Alaiskmurasaki: Why not say what happens in#Iloca, #Pelluhue, #Pichilemu, or #Constitution. The coast is collapsed; es Chile
karlotapotta talcahuano flooded
sulanwong RT @ KarlaOPuckett: To call the ambulance 131 not working, to do 568 12 95
romixmcr this shits on the conception, is impressive to see boats on trees DX #terremotochile #Chile now

Update 23:50

ale_pino TVN said Huascar not seen in the port of Talcahuano.
branisauria as far as most of the old buildings are down Curico, no water or electricity
sophieignacia Can not see huascar !!!!! Concern in Talcahuano… qe luckily the family lives on the hill
veronica_lucero RT @reportwiteros: EYE OSORNO!!! the drinking water was cut at # Osorno come together water, Hagan RT
leoprieto Abran sus WiFi to help neighbors who do not have internet at home
coelhovinic Tsunami in Hawaii ta xegando!!!!
gazocars #terremotochile 14 Deaths in Talcahuano, not hubo Tsunami, the port is shattered, as images of CHV
_Gyermo RT @locarle: #terremotochile, images arrive in the morning and tsunami in Talcahuano debastó City, can not imagine.
ovary RT @TVN24H: Inhabitants of Dichato in Biobío: “left with nothing”. Population is just over Dichato 3 thousand

Update 24:00

giordanoluna CNN Chile showing horrific images of Talcahuano. Half of the city on the ground. He spent
ricardo_fs New York Times’ lists on #Chile & Tsunami translated for non-Twitter users /via @cvvalencia@NYT_JenPreston @kim
pimpi240 URGENT – TSUNAMI EN Hawaii: The waters are receding again, other impact is expected in 20 min. about
Cerebrina RT @tele13online: In Talcahuano, rising sea took some boats to the Plaza de Armas Local
ArturoVera RT: @cokep: In Pichilemu sea overflowed and took all the coastal
Jhonnygomezcamp amazing how calleron bridges over lakes!!

Update 00:10

revistavaso GOOD NEWS: The earthquake and tsunami did not affect Easter Island
ricardo_fs #terremotochile According to a source at LAN, part of the Santiago Airport terminal’s 3rd floor collapsed onto the 2nd floor. via: @excamino
juanchoCCSVE RT @ Pablojoost: RT @NickDesigner I'm on the coast .. the sea is collected D; and upload everything as in 5 min miedo //
kakokeko00 Mar entered several towns in the region Bíobío.
keibuntu RT @TVN24H: Intensity of the last replica from ONEMI: 4 Mercalli in Santiago
la_despistada RT @infozeus: RT @ ZeroZen: RT @ Vlanoticia: NOW – The 90% the old town of Curico is on the ground.

Update 00:20

ricardo_fs Chilevision: indicate 1.5 million homes were damaged by the earthquake and 500 thousand are inhabilitables.
revistavaso Replica!… 3 degrees may.
gustavo1608 RT @eduardosapene: RT @TVN24H: There would be looting Dichato after destruction 80% City by waves. Water withdrawal
FM_Albo of the gas stations are taken over Port Montt
dualvaio RT @ Nacioncl: #TerremotoChile Reply to 20:14. Cae cornice courtyard of the Nation

Update 00:30
elobservadortap RT @fanultra: RT @ Revistavaso: LLO-LLEO: Shattered by the sea, took 200 Cabin, with people including…
erasmolopez leaves a giant cargo ship in the middle of the street in Talcahuano
erasmolopez In Santiago condominium buildings leaning like dominoes
kaos_lethal RT @ Strong: #terremotochile: Pilot reports that water came up caves (60 MASL) s Juan Fernandez; “the people do not stay anything, very serious situation”

Update 00:40

oswovalles ULTIMA HORA: Tidal wave devastated part of the city of Talcahuano, Bio Bio region
ricardo_fs Pilot prompting authorities said: “He disappeared the cemetery and at least 50 housing” #terremotochile via: @Peru21pe@TVN24H
Marlex RT @ Javieraoknittel: apparently in Puerto Montt ,it is collecting sea , lowest tide of the nornmal
FelineFire RT @ Revistavaso: An hour ago came the latest wave in Talcahuano, People spend the night in the hills.
ricardo_fs PHOTOS OF TSUNAMI IN JUAN FERNANDEZ #terremotochile #tsunami via: @revistavaso

Update 01:00
GracyPerez RT @arturobravo_: RT:@ Canal_chile 20 buildings collapsed in Concepción, recounted moments ago via Canal Authority 13.//
acércame #TerremotoChile: In Quilicura occur looting supermarkets; water supply is suspended for breach of matrix.
ricardo_fs Tsunami warning canceled in Hawaii via: @earcos
gordonesroo RT @Bianca_Chiloe: @reportwiteros @TVN24H en chonchi- chiloe climbed the sea and took him leaving most of the city burned jacks
x_alejandrro #terremotochile replicates 5.8 region makes Liberator intantes in bo // President to speak at intantes!!
Janopus We Chileans we can overcome this…. we should only be attached to help…

ricardo_fs thebusinesses that are open will have huge queues of people to buy bread #terremotochile via: @lizzy_dark < In Santiago de Chile
ricardo_fs Bachellet: “The 80% of the population was affected by the earthquake” #terremotochile via: @Marlex
gust4vodcm RT @TVN24H: NATIONAL CHAIN. President addresses the country “There 214 dead people, 15 missing and 2 million homeless

Update 01:20

ricardo_fs if they want official travel information and follow @cruzrojainforma already increased from 1000 to 5000 followers y es OFICIAL vía: @earcos: @amartino

Update 02:00
FelineFire RT @suberca10: #TerremotoChile Curanipe: fell cellular antennas, bus swept away by the sea was a walk of elderly, 20 survived, 25 missing
Huichalaf Confirm that Talca Hospital is closed and collapsed, but transfers to hospitals in Santiago
barbara_p_m RT @Maca_Torres: In Chillan aprobechan despair of people and charges 1.000 xa Lt of water and 1500 x a kilo of pan



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Graphic Information

First images of the tsunami in Hawaii


Simulation of the effect of the earthquake in Chile across the Pacific Ocean

Tsunami in Chile produces more deaths than the earthquake (videos)
Earthquake in Chile – A Seismo 50 times greater than Haiti (Graphics and Illustrations)



How to find missing persons by the earthquake in Chile
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Chile, a country destined to earthquakes


Terremotos : Variation of seismic activity: 20 years 15 seconds (Video animation)

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Ushahidi: Kenya ayuda a Chile using the internet

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