Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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During the decade of the 80 produce, Westernized world, significant household penetration of computers with limited graphics capabilities.

It's the time of the “sprites” and k's in units of measure. Teams like “Spectrum” or “Commodore 64” using the TV as an output device.

Operating Systems alphanumeric strongly limited access most of the population while the phosphorus green eyes reddened some owls.

This is the framework in which small groups of “illuminated” communicated fluently in a network, I did not know even jams, exchanging ideas and knowledge. “Future Crew” is one of these groups, founding[1] por Sami Tammilehto I 1986, united in their passion for image synthesis.

A kind of RPG as motivation in these settings: How to create a program that spreads on different computers and a message transport inside?.

The culture broth of the phenomenon “Virus” born on a computer with a graphical operating system that fits on a floppy disk with only 300K format. The “Commodore Amiga” presents an architecture based on a communications processor, to which is added an amazing graphics chip for the time. Around this team performed assembly programs that manipulate, distort, transform…. images to levels not heretofore known.

In the environment of 1988 migrated to the PC environment, doing different jobs widespread:

  • Unreal (1992)
  • Panic(1992)
  • Second Reality(1993)

His last known work is the editor of MOD 's Scream Tracker. His short story (1988-199?)[5] has served to stimulate new jobs now seem to us mere academic exercises, but they were an innovation of great impact in the years.

Although there is no official dissolution of the group, its members founded various software development companies.


Finland is home to the headquarters of this creative company founded[6] in 1995. His name is associated with one of its star products, Max Payne, which has had as a writer[3] a Sam Lake (The visual appearance of the protagonist has been inspired by its creator).

Between games[6] licensed by this firm, found:
Death Rally (PC 1996)
Max Payne (2001)
Max Payne 2 (2003)
Alan Wake ( ??)

Their developments have been made for different equipment and consoles, ( PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Mac OS, Game Boy Advance…), having a large group of talents derivatives “Future Crew”.


A “thriller psicológico” [2] in action adventure format which guides a character through a movie script [3], with careful (Spectacular??) visual quality and ambience. An interactive dynamic environment[4] on which to make a desperate mission, with different challenges and tests you face to escape himself.

The protagonist, that names the game, is a successful writer who is inspired by the talent of your partner[3] and dreams [2]. The disappearance of his muse, along with a strong insomnia, justification triggers the plot, that develops in the different chapters of this anticipated title. The character's psychological profile developed it again Sam Lake, as usual seems [3].

Aspects such as sensitivity to light Character, anticipate suggestive atmospheres and visual effects. Scenarios detailed and extensive, and a variety, partially justify the delay in filing.

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work 2007 published in 2009

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