Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

My world is in..

Veintemil y contando

En numerología, se dice que los números son uno de los conceptos humanos más perfectos y elevados. Según los que la practican, la numerología es la disciplina que pretende investigar la «vibración secreta» de ese código y enseñan a utilizar los números en su beneficio, por medio del estudio de su influencia sobre personas, animales, things and events.(W)

Numbers have been part of the human being as the basic element in their intellectual development bringing notions of “amount” and “order” mainly, Although also have a marked accent meta magic.

Certain numbers have been considered “beautiful” by their mathematical properties, while others simply by their “roundness”, shape or constituent figures.

Today I am 20.000 Tweets on the Twitter social network, launched into the digital space in an attempt of communication 2.0 that it does not know borders or countries, social or cultural status. A space dominated by the limitation of 140 characters which imposes the means and forces to realize, to be precise and agile as if time were to end up in the next “Tweet” (castellanizando the term).

As in the story of Julio Verne, It has been a journey of exploration to the corners of a fantastic world full of surprises, new “species” and fabulous surprises in the human and the divine.

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea (in French: Vingt mille lieues sous les mers) It is one of the best-known literary works of the French writer Julio Verne, posted in Magasin d' éducation et de Recreation of the 20 March 1869 to the 20 June 1870, and in a double volume the 16 November 1871(W)

An experience of communication in real time that has changed much of the conception of the world to those who we have had the opportunity to express and share knowledge and emotions with our Tweets.

Tweet It is a publication or an update of your state at Twitter.

The word Tweet it comes from the sound emitted by the birds, for those who don't know the name of Twitter means chattering (the way on how birds communicate).

That is why that Tweet is the sound that makes the birds, and if we compare it with the human, then Tweet would be what we talked or publish in our status in Twitter. (Ref)

That is why I want to commemorate with a synthesized image, as if it were a birthday, one of those magic numbers, a multiple “round” a power of 10.

A number that symbolizes an intermediate station on an exciting joint journey of mankind.