Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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What looks like a fern, the coast and a snowflake?

Between jobs made by my students within educatica projects innovation to improve teaching by incorporating new technologies, I want to highlight one that includes a very topical issue, and transcribe literally. Was originally published on their blogs during the course 2009-2010.


by Hicks Geometry

All three are elements of nature. And the three, with complicated shapes and repetitions, seem fractals. And if you're thinking what the hell is a fractal, you will be surprised to know these fascinating structures that seem drawn from an art book that one math.

Fractals are geometric figures, as triangles and rectágulos, but with special properties that distinguish themselves from these. First, are very complex, any size. Tienen autosimilitud, namely, which can be divided into parts that are small copies of all. Unlike other geometric figures its dimension is a fraction.

Fractals often look like natural objects. Many natural objects, as ferns, snowflakes, the coasts of countries, rocks, have similar shapes to fractals.
An interesting thing about fractals is that their study is new and are currently being investigated.

Here you have an interesting video about fractals.

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