Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

My world is in..

Andy (Android) y su novia (V..) [ School ]

Señora Android

Lady Android

We have seen different interpretations of the couple Andy (Android) looking for a minimalist characterization of a new character.

The conceptualization of the genus has been based on the color as the main element, body shape and added some details that have given a “touch” especially the character:

A loop and flanges, type curves diábolo, a hint of texture (heart), strong sensual volumes, adaptive antennas bareback o a bows ….

The variety of approaches to the problem is very broad and creative, as you can see in this small sample. Today we see the interpretation of Angel L. Sanz Vilaverde that, with a wink sarcastic humor, presents a couple seated by years …. perhaps too !!!

Years are noted in the bodies and gestures (adding eyebrows), parodying ¿El cibermatrimonio?

Android Google y señora

Android Google y señora

Course work 2012