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Andy (Android) y su novia (V..) [ School ]

Lady Android

We have seen different interpretations of the pair of Andy (Android) looking for a minimalist characterization of a new character.

The conceptualization of the genus has been based on the color as the main element, body shape and added some details that have given a “touch” special character:

Aniversario Android (II) [ School ]


We have seen different interpretations of our students on the fifth anniversary of Android.

They have even introduced us to his friends or his girlfriend Dyna.

Imagination has no limits and curious images keep coming in that are constantly evolving mixing ideas from the basic model Andy.

Andy and Dyna on the fifth anniversary of Android [ School ]


We celebrated the fifth anniversary of Android with a series of commemorative works in our computer animation classes.

While we have modeled to Andy we have tried to design a partner to keep the unity of style character and complements.

Aniversario Android (I) [ School ][ Blender ]

Aniversario Android

The fifth anniversary of Android has inspired us to model a character, Andy, con Blender. For this reason they have developed different versions as it may have been inventing their partner, by Novia, or create a commemorative picture of the event.

Android meets 5 years old [ Wallpaper ]


The 5 November 2007 officially presento el Android operating system. After five years, This open source platform, dominates the smartphone market.

The 23 September 2008, Hand of Google, was presented along with the HTC G1 HTC.

Un robot verde, named Andy, reference is the logo for this operating system and serves as a basis for creating a commemorative wallpaper image format