Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Andy and Drod (Android) [ School ][ Blender ]

DrodIn proposing to my students, as of the last working class Blender, the realization of the pair of Andy (mascota of Android) the trend has been the realization of a female figure or, even, the symbolic expression of a love relationship.

Sin embargo, in another case, the concept of partnership has been expressed in the sense of friendship or playmate, as in the work of Adrian Echevarria, that has been invented to ‘Drod‘, Andi friend and companion in adventure.

Drod as you can see is more young and restless Andi,and his five-year veteran!,with great energy and initiative. The reason for its creation is to symbolize the continuing evolution,freshness and ambition of new goals by Google. (Adrian Echevarria)

Andi y Drod

Andi the Rod

La imagen se encuentra en resolución wallpaper (960 × 540) pulsando con el ratón.

Course work 2012