Graphic PIZiadas

Graphic PIZiadas

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Pumpkins of my students (V..) [ Blender ]

Calabaza_J_G_POne aspect of the teaching unit, Cómo una Machidunia Realization Halloween Pumpkin in Blender facing the basic analysis of the modeling and rendering of an object, which have not been detailed rendering times are.

Part of the post-processing can be performed with the tool itself, Blender, the recurrir the external programs to perform effects on pumpkin.

The first questions arise on this topic. It is something to be learned experimentally and depends on many aspects of the scene such as:

  • The number of polygons
  • The number of illumination points
  • Transparencies and reflections of materials
  • Atmospheric effects (participatory media)
  • The image resolution
  • Number “calculation steps”

In this first started to make contact with these problems, that we will see how to mitigate as far as possible. While we are left with a new image of a Halloween pumpkin, produced, in this case, pore Jonnathan Gomez Pineda.

calabaza de Jonnathan Gomez Pineda

Calabaza de Jonnathan Gomez Pineda

Realizada está con la imagen Blender, renderizada the Cycles, y se encuentra wallpaper in the resolución 1920 × 1080

Course work 2012