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Collective Painting Exhibition [Madrid]

Madrid has a varied supply of art and quality. Me ha llegado información de una exposición colectiva que se inaugurará el próximo miércoles 22 June 2011, to 20 h., Classroom Culture Cajamurcia. El catálogo que me han remitido por correo electrónico ofrece una atractiva visión de su… (leer más)

Abstract Oak: Sequence [Oil]

Some days ago, a partner who works Trompe (see Stein and pears) I wondered while having a coffee: How do you think when you paint one of your paintings (Abstract)? That question led me to a deep reflection and, accordingly, did this little article that guides one of the works I've done. Not all… (leer más)

Triana bridge [Oil]

A personal interpreación the “Triana Bridge” and “Calle Betis” Seville.

An abstract view, Minimalist, impressionistic strokes that highlights the night lighting on the most salient traits of this engineering sample that connects the neighborhood “Arenal” with that of “Triana”.

Broken [Oil]

A sequence of performing an oil painting, where we see the three main steps of its realization, with a particular technique:




It's called graffiti (taken from the Italian plural word graffiti, graffire) painted the various forms of inscription on painting, usually on street furniture. The Royal Academy of the Spanish language designated as “graphite” una pintada particular, and its corresponding plural is “graffiti”. También se llama grafiti a las inscripciones que han quedado en paredes desde… (leer más)

Jesús María Calzada Casati: Gallery

Sir Alfred Percival

This is the gallery of the works of Mary Jesus Calzada Casati, with images that have been published on the blog. This page is a permanent link , a gateway to some of his interesting work. El visor que se facilita a continuación permitirá navegar de forma inmediata en el conjunto de imágenes… (leer más)

Acrylic Goloviarte : @ Goloviarte

Vicente López left me two new works of his acrylic paint for my personal enjoyment, I share with you in this post. A few days ago spoke of “Vicente López Art with Acrylics” when I met one of your blogs. Until then regarded as something flat acrylic, casi sin texturas y… (leer más)

Goloviarte y su pintura acrílica @Goloviarte

A few days ago I received a letter with a postcard inside.

Al abrir la carta pude ver la imagen que os muestro en esta fotografía.

¿De quién es?

@ Goloviarte, or nick name by which we know on Twitter to Gregorio López Vicente, sent me a beautiful card format work on a cardboard support coming later to take to framing deserves to dress like the back of my house; is a way to share with my views the work of this unique artist.

The painting was made with acrylics and I have to say that until I received the card, had a completely different picture of the expressive possibilities of this technique.

Goloviarte: Vicente Lopez's art with acrylics

Me gusta recomendar los blogs que al visitarlos me han aportado algo nuevo, especialmente aquellos en los que la temática acaricia el mundo de la imagen. Hoy os traigo el espacio de @goloviarte, unas páginas que promociona su pintura aproximándo el arte a nuestros hogares. Artista plástico, soñador y con ganas de compartid todas mis… (leer más)

Painting with Pastels: Jesus Maria Casati: Pitcher and Pears

Another work of Jesus Maria Casati, that presents a beautiful composition in the form of still life, which contrasts the coldness of ceramic fruit juiciness. Images that remain in the external memory to the evolution of cities, in which you lose the essence of what manners.